Stockroom | Sammy Preston

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This month, we are excited to share the Stockroom picks of writer, editor and curator Sammy Preston. Working especially within art, design, and culture more broadly, Sammy is a senior writer at Broadsheet, and contributes regularly to international art and fashion journal Museum Magazine, as well as VAULT Art Magazine, Habitus and Indesign magazines, and has worked as an arts editor for FBI Radio.

Sammy was also the founding manager and curator of contemporary art space Gallery 2010 — a curator run initiative housed within a Surry Hills loading dock. The gallery hosted exhibitions with emerging and established local and internationally based artists from 2012 until 2016.

From a deconstructed painting and video, to a revealing portrait of Gwendoline Christie by globally renowned photographer Polly Borland, Sammy lets us in on the art she connects with and why.

"Huseyin Sami’s torn, dried and draped house paint pieces are an example of his very unconventional and performative approach to painting and paint as a sculptural material."

Wire Colour Hang, 2015
household acrylic paint, wire
73 cm (diameter)

Available from Sophie Gannon Gallery

AUD $3,000 or
$300 per month


"I first came across Colin’s work at Galerie Allen in Paris. It’s so fantastic that an Australian gallery has a part of the ‘TC Studies’ series of his work available — I love this exploration and deconstruction of film and video and captured image."

C-Print Photograph
183 x 117 cm

Available from COMA

AUD $9,000 or
$900 per month


"I very recently interviewed Polly and find her enthralling. Her ability to expose her subjects (like Nick Cave, and then here — Gwendoline Christie) is unique, as is her effort to peer deeply into our own flawed, obscure humanity."

Untitled (Pink and Yellow), 2016
lenticular print
61 x 95cm

Available from Sullivan + Strumpf

AUD $15,400 or
$1,540 per month


"I like the idea that we associate colour with place, and therefore memory and our personal histories. I think Bridie Gillman has captured that landscape of abstraction here."

Humidity Rose, 2017
oil on canvas
120 x 100 cm

Available from Edwina Corlette Gallery

AUD $2,400 or
$240 per month


"Harley’s flower loops are still life imbued with a sort of warped real life movement, bleeding and blooming as if being stretched through a strange, fuzzy VHS-like dimension."

Julia Clements, 2016
moving image seamless loop, edition of 3 + 2 AP

Available from Chalk Horse

AUD $2,500 or
$250 per month