Stockroom | Max Germanos

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This month, we are excited to share the Stockroom picks of avid collector and curator, Max Germanos of 3:33 Art Projects. As a passionate advocate of Australian contemporary art he has recently curated the Collector's Space for Art Month 2017. Here, Max shares with us the artists and artworks that have sparked his interest.

“Alan Constable's works are incredibly beautiful in their physical form and glazed finishes - where imperfection and human touch are celebrated. What is fascinating is that they depict his interpretation of seeing objects. Perhaps this is to substitute for his lack of vision, being legally blind."

Not title, 2015


AUD$1,200 or
$120 per month


“I am a huge fan of David Griggs, he is a risk taker. Whilst his paintings have dark themes reflecting his constant struggle with depression, they are meant to be fun, showing us that he has a sense of humour and can laugh about his condition. This work is exactly that - a fun and intelligent way to compose a face, with eyes as hanging ropes and a reminder to himself “Do Not DO."

Horror Business #9, 2015
oil on canvas
61 x 45cm

Available from GAGPROJECTS | Greenaway Art Gallery

AUD $2,750 or
$275 per month


“I recently curated a Dale Frank show featuring 27 mesmerising works. Once you have lived with such amazing works and they are taken away from you, you feel a real loss. Dale Frank is the real thing and this work us a nice entree into his world."

Jamie Oliver Salmon Poisoning, 2015
varnish on perspex
178 x 138cm

Available from NEON PARC

AUD $45,000 or
$4,500 per month


“Joanna's paintings are vibrant and masterfully executed. Animals prevail in her works, as her love of animals is deep. Spending time with her paintings reveals underlying narratives which make us contemplate aspects of being human. A provocative comparison is drawn between natural and cultivated worlds."

Green Fingers, 2016
oil on canvas
112 x 112cm

Available from Martin Browne Contemporary

AUD $9000 or
$900 per month


"Quirky is an understatement but clever is not. Philjames creates an immediate contradiction between two worlds, the vintage old world and his own current contemporary art world. There is a sudden impact with his work that leaves the viewer curious asking a lot of questions. Overall, James reminds us that we are all children deep down."

Son of Krypton, 2017
oil on vintage offset lithograph
450 x 600mm

Available from Galerie pompom

AUD $2,700 or
$270 per month