Stockroom | Emma O'Neill

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This month, we are excited to share the Stockroom picks of Emma O'Neill, editor of Art Collector magazine. Off the back of Art Collector’s release of its 20th anniversary issue, Emma chooses five works that have recently caught her eye.

"I am delighted by the recent announcement of Koji Ryui’s participation in the forthcoming 2018 Biennale of Sydney. Ryui consistently stretches, bends and de-familiarises our relationship with the objects of our daily rituals in poetic and intriguing ways. Bell is exemplary of this."

Bell, 2014
carpet squares, found ceramic bell, stud adhesive, air drying clay
57 x 17 x 17cm

Available from Sarah Cottier Gallery

AUD $2,200 OR
AUD $220 per month


"There is something deeply soothing about the vertical monochromatic lines of Ceara Metlikovec’s recent graphite on paper. The 2001 National Art School graduate endeavours to “record her own vibration” with charcoal in a process that she keeps under wraps. Here, the result feels to me like the veins of a barcode, gently moving fabric, the blur of machinery – an alloy of mystery and precision."

Indigo 8, 2017
Graphite in Saunders
101.6 x 66cm

Available from Jensen Gallery

AUD $3,500 or
AUD $350 per month


"Sean Meilak’s Purple and Orange Arrangement is remarkable both for its display of technical prowess and a visual poetry that interrogates the psychology of space. A far cry from the monochrome of Metlikovek’s work, the broad spectrum of colour and curious mix of textures makes it difficult to look away."

Purple and Orange Arrangement, 2016
Oil on linen
51 x 51cm

Available from Niagara Galleries

AUD $4000 or
AUD $400 per month


"The work of Pitjantjatjara artist Mike Mumu Williams speaks to both the history and contemporary issues facing his people. In the foreground of a fading Australia, Williams’ text points to the failure of mining companies to properly consult the local Indigenous communities before passing legislation that destroys sacred sites. Framed with Kulata (spear), the work itself is a weapon against the dispossession experienced by such communities."

Kulinama Tjukurpa Kunpu Nyangatja (Listen to this strong story), 2016
Ink, tea and oil pastel on paper
Kulata (Spears) by Sammy Dodd
183 x 149cm

Available from Alcaston Gallery

AUD $4800 or
AUD $480 per month


"Kate Scardifield is an artist to watch whose multidisciplinary practice involves a rigorous investigation of history and phenomenology. Rendered with aesthetic lure, this clever bronze sculptural work is at once humorous, macabre and sublime."

Bird watching (Call it as you see it), 2016

Available from Alaska Projects

AUD $1,800 (per hand) or
AUD $180 per month