Stockroom | Lisa Paulsen

Lisa Paulsen is a keen art collector with a particular interest in the work of Australian and New Zealand artists. She supports various arts organisations and regularly lends artworks for exhibitions, most recently to Penrith Regional Gallery for the exhibition 5x5, curated by Michael Do. Lisa is an Ambassador for the upcoming Melbourne Art Fair, 2 - 5 August.

"Melbourne based art dealer Tristian Koenig's passion for painting is very infectious and he transfers the bug again via these delicious works by teacher and art therapist Louise Gresswell. The gritty, sludgy quality of the paint is highlighted by various combinations of intense colour, ensuring these small paintings pack a large punch. Like the proverbial kid in a candy shop, I found it impossible to choose between the selection on offer but eventually settled on ‘the pink one’."

Fractured (Pink), 2018
oil on board
34 x 32cm
Available from Tristian Koenig

AUD $1,500 or
$150 per month


"These cheeky sculptures add a unique voice to the current (and well justified) craze for ceramics. Their chunky quality is not necessarily typical of Emily’s work, compare these to the delicate, Baroque nature of the miniature burnt orange and spruce green stoneware chairs she made for her most recent show Bad Ems. I was lucky enough to nab one of these and for a tiny work it holds a lot of space."

My Broken Fray (Janus) and Me Droken Fray (Janus), 2014
glazed stoneware
22 x 21.5 x 15.5cm, 23 x 15 x 23cm

Available from The Commercial

AUD $2,500 or
$250 per month


"This choice was a no brainer for me. I am fascinated by the references to personality, art, architecture, history and design which are condensed into this photograph. It would look equally at home in Australia or Scandinavia and that slash of sapphire blue over on the left is very alluring."

Living Room, Rose Seidler House with exterior mural, 2016
type C print, edition of 5 + 3AP
110 x 147cm
Available from Darren Knight Gallery

AUD $8,000 or
$800 per month


"Another room, but in a very different home to the one above! The artist first creates a cardboard construction before photographing it. The resulting image conjuring up relationships to her home on of the Gold Coast, along with places such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Palm Springs. Her works evoke memories for me of days long gone by when my parents would take my sisters and I to Surfers Paradise for school holidays. We'd eat 'Chicken in the Basket’ by the pool in motels with names like 'The Pink Poodle'."

Green Paradise, 2017
gliclée print, edition of 7
86 x 130cm
Available to buy from Andrew Baker Art Dealer

AUD $2,700 or
$270 per month


"I’m ashamed to admit that despite being exhibited at the MCA and many other institutions, I didn’t instantly recognise this artist's name. However, I was instantly drawn to the look of the image which led me to investigate further and thus make a very worthwhile discovery. Check out his recent show at Drill Hall Gallery in Canberra, where “huge piles of drawings”, some from the the 80’s and 90’s, were shown for the very first time.”

Untitled, 1995
mixed media on paper
73 x 55cm
Available from Utopia Art Sydney

AUD $3,600 or
$360 per month