November 21, 2022

Announcement: Art Money partners with Arcual


POSTED 21 November 2022

The company name Arcual written in fluorescent blue signage
Image courtesy of Arcual

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Art Basel backed Arcual as their official AML/KYC compliance partner, bringing smart contracts to the art world. Arcual puts artists at the centre of the art ecosystem. Their suite of digital tools and integrations provide smart contract solutions for artist and gallery royalties, custom payment terms, sales agreements, verified provenance, and digital certificates of authenticity.

Arcual was born from a shared recognition of a shift in the production of art and the ecosystem that surrounds it. Arcual will offer pioneering technologies that give artists greater ownership, participation and transparency in their careers, and will provide both institutions and galleries the tools to best nurture them. - Maja Hoffman, Founder LUMA Foundation

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