Art Money
for art sellers

Unlock your sales potential with Art Money – a powerful sales tool for progressive galleries and art sellers, loved by collectors.

Convert more sales

When your collectors can pay over time, they feel good about buying art and get to yes more often

Increase collector budgets

Collector budgets are increased, often doubled, when Art Money is offered as an option

Get paid immediately

We pay you upfront as your collector pays us back over time, and you can promptly pay your artists

The art world is moving forward

Join 1,800+ global gallery partners using Art Money to progress their business, support their artists and empower their collectors

Art Money Interest Free

  • Buyer
    10 monthly payments,
  • Gallery
    You pay a 10% commission
    You’re paid in 10 business days
  • Best for
    Converting enquiries to sales
    Increasing price points
  • Available
    Bricks and mortar

Art Money Buyer’s Premium

  • Buyer
    Pay over time
    Flat monthly fee to Art Money
  • Gallery
    No cost to art seller
    You're paid in full within 10 business days
  • Best for
    Collector discount negotiated
    Secondary market artworks (low margins)
  • Available
    Bricks and mortar
Art Money Partnership
Empower your collectors to pay over time with Art Money
Join 1,800+ art sellers globally

Collectors love using Art Money

collectors globally have used
Art Money
artworks have been purchased with Art Money
Collectors spend up to double when Art Money is offered as an option
of collectors said Art Money enabled a higher price level
Collectors globally have used Art Money
Artworks have been purchased with Art Money
Partner galleries from around the world
Investors have backed Art Money, including Christie’s Ventures
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Read our FAQs.

How do I partner with Art Money?

To partner with Art Money, complete our Partnership Application form. A member of our team will be in contact with you within 48 hours.

What is the difference between Art Money Interest Free and Art Money Buyer's Premium?

Art Money Interest Free enables collectors to buy from 1,800+ partner galleries globally in 10 monthly payments, interest-free. It's the most powerful sales tool to convert buyers and increase budgets. You pay up to 10% commission to make it interest free for buyers, in return you get paid within 10 business days.

Art Money Buyer’s Premium enables you to offer Art Money in circumstances where offering Interest Free may not be available or possible. Commonly used by collectors when negotiating prices or buying secondary market works with thin margins, or at auction.

When do I get paid by Art Money?

You will be paid by Art Money within 10 working days from when the purchase was activated.

Are there any setup charges or ongoing fees?

There are no setup charges or ongoing fees for partners of Art Money.